Planning office TSE Technical Support Engineering Technisches Büro GmbH
Subject fields Industrial plant engineering, pressure tank and pipeline construction
Timeline Summer 2011 – autumn 2012
The project

Disassembling six storage tanks while maintaining tank farm operations. Extending the capacity of the tank farm by delivering and installing two underground double wall 200m³ tanks. Renewing the tanks’ entire pipework and instrumentation; increasing storage and unloading capacity for the products JET A-1 and AVGAS 10LL.

Technical stats:

  • Double wall storage tanks according to EN12285-1 class A, capacity: 200,000l, circumference: 3.5m, length 21.250m, with internal coating SIKA Permacor HS-A
  • Internal piping of the tanks entirely stainless steel
  • Piping with a pressure rating of PN16, made of stainless steel, according to ÖNORM EN13480
  • Implementing the explosion protection system with safety devices according to EN 12874 for explosion group IIA
  • Implementing the mechanical components according to ATEX II 1/2G T3

Expansion of capacity: to 650,000 l

Increase of storage and unloading capacity for JET A-1: 1800/2400 l/min

Increase of storage and unloading capacity for AVGAS 100LL: 1000 l/min