MOLIN History.

MOLIN’s success story began with its foundation in Linz in 1983. The name MOLIN and its striking logo are derived from the words MOntage LINz, meaning Installation Linz has its origin in MOLIN’s original business sector and location. MOLIN’s main area of business used to be the installation and start-up of piping and machines for the paper and pulp industry.

In 1988, Peter Zauner took over as CEO of the company. His openness to innovative ideas and new perspectives allowed MOLIN to pursue a strategy aimed at the systematic expansion of the company’s areas of business.

The close relationship to the oil industry which started in the early 90s has definitely had a big impact on the economic success of the company. The oil industry requires especially high quality and safety standards. MOLIN grew with this challenge and because of it now has standards of quality and safety that are regarded as the strictest in its line of business.

Today, the company which moved its headquarters to Wels in 1989, employs a team of 250 highly motivated experts and provides custom-made and solution-oriented services in the areas of building services engineering and industrial plant engineering.

In 1994, the branch in Vienna was established and laid the foundation to the company’s expansion. Further branches were founded in Bratislava and Budapest in 2001 and in the town of Spillern in Lower Austria (district of Korneuburg) in 2002. These new branches symbolize taking the company on an especially dynamic new course in a Europe without borders.